Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

We all love cat lovers know about the beauty of the blue eyes cat that seems from another realm , something like where is only purity and love , right ?

Why some cats have blue eyes ?

Cats eyes, which are pretty much always mesmerizing, seem to take on an extra special glint when their hue is blue. In fact, blue eyes in a cat come from two sets of genes: one that limits the expression of color to specific body areas, the other that relates to the dominant white gene that masks color.


Here is the main list :

  • Blue Eyes Cat
  • White Kitten With Blue Eyes
  • How Do You Realize Your Cat Is Deaf

Blue Eyes Cat

 1. Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules cat is one of the most beautiful breeds of blue eyes cats. It is medium-sized, has a graceful appearance, and the anterior limbs are shorter than the posterior.

Her eyes are very beautiful, expressive, large, round, almond-shaped and with the blue iris. He has a playful, active temperament, especially cheerful in the early years of his life. He loves the master and is very affectionate with him.





2. Persian Cat

Persian Cat


Persian cats can be recognized after the long and fluffy fur, the cute face and the blue eyes. Affiliated, peaceful, never aggressive, sweet and affectionate, she has a special attachment to the master. It is perfectly understood with children and dogs. Faces of strangers are distant. Dense and rather rare meadow.

These cats require special care from the chicken phase, the maintenance of the fur being a complicated activity.




3. Siamese Cat 

The Siamese cat is a medium-sized cat and also has a place in the top 5 blue-eyed cat breeds. It is a long-lived and elegant cat with a long, slender body, well-muscled and delicate. The middle-si

Siamese Cat

zed head forms a perfect equilateral triangle that starts from the nose and gradually widens to the ears, with straight lines, without bumps in the touch of the tactile wings

Ragdoll Cat





4Ragdoll Cat 

Cats of this breed are very sociable and like the company of people, other cats, and friendly dogs. From the first moment, you notice a lovely Ragdoll blue eyes.

These cats, which are among the finest breeds of blue-eyed cats, adore their master and are also very friendly with their visitors. At the same time, these cats are wonderful comrades for children.


5. Burmese cat

Burmese cat


The Burmese cats are also part of the blue-eyed cat breeds category. It is noticeable through fur patches and blue eyes. They are playful, very active and adapt to your style and your family. They are also gentle and very loyal to their masters.

The body is long and elegant, but heavily built. The Burmese cat has a wide, round face, a relatively long nose that narrows to the tip, middle-sized ears, positioned at a great distance from each other, and the eyes rather round are as blue as possible.



6. Balinese Cat 

It seems that from time to time, Siamese nests were also born kittens with long fur, a characteristic that made them be removed from the breeding lines.

This situation ended in the sixth decade of the last century, when two Siamese breeders, Marion

Balinese Cat

Dorsey (California Rai-Mar) and Helen Smith (New York’s MerryMews) were charmed by long-haired kittens their nests and decided not to castrate them, thus laying the foundations for a new breed.




7. Oriental Shorthair 

The Shorthaired oriental cat has Siamese-like features and is related to these. Around the 1950s, the public’s general interest in new varieties and new breeds makes American and British breeders turn their attention to Siamese cats with a different color.

This Oriental race originated in the UK around the 1950s, with British Asian upwardness and cleverness. Also in these years, the breed was imported into the United States, where it was registered by the CFA in 1972 under the name “Oriental Shorthair” and admitted in the 1977 championship.

Oriental Shorthair

White Kitten With Blue Eyes– Deaf?

White kitten with blue eyes is said to be deaf, but what is not said is that not all white cats suffer from this disability, but only some of them. Indeed, there is a link between white fur and deafness in the case of felines, but this link is genetic, quite complicated.

What is the connection between white fur and deafness in cats?

Strictly genetically, there is no gene that gives the white color of the cat’s fur. But there is a gene called the W gene that masks the gene that normally gives the color of the fur, preventing any other color from appearing, thus remaining white.

In other words, white cats have a gene for another color, but this gene is masked by the W gene, which does not allow the development of melanin, thus preventing the appearance of that color.

Melanin is a substance that affects not only the color of the cat’s fur but also the cochlea located in the lower part of the ear. If the cat has the W gene that prevents the development of melanin, this will soon lead to the appearance of deafness, affecting the cochlea. The same gene that masks the color gene is also responsible for the blue color of the eyes. If the cat has blue eyes there is a chance to be deaf, but if the cat has only one blue eye, it is likely to be deaf to one ear, the other can develop normally.

How do you realize your cat is deaf?

If you suspect that your white cat is deaf, you have to test it to confirm this theory. The veterinarian will recommend the test you need to determine if the feline is deaf. But until you get to the veterinarian, you can see her in-house behavior when you make gestures such as applause, whistling, call her name to see if she responds.

To be sure the cat is really deaf and not only choose to ignore you, you must repeat the gestures that are meant to attract attention.

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