Older Cat Nutrition

As the cat gets older, the body changes its nutritional requirements. Nutrition is the secret to iron health up to the most advanced ages.

The digestive system begins to have functional problems, and the metabolism of the cat slows down. With proper nutrition and age-appropriate cats, you can extend the life of your beloved feline.


Here is the main list :

  • Older cat diet
  • Older cat digestive problems
  • Constipation and diarrhea in cat
  • Dehydration in cat

Older Cat Diet

The metabolic rate in older cat decreases, if this adds to exercise, obesity becomes a threat so a diet is a better idea.

Research shows that the old cat (8-10 years old) is facing obesity, while the geriatric cat (over 12 years old) has a lot of weight loss. Referred to the waist and cat breed, old can be installed earlier and later. Ask your veterinarian about the optimal nutrition for your cat.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the old cat should not be placed on a restrictive protein or calorie diet. The elderly cat needs good quality protein to maintain a strong immune system. Proteins also have a complete structural cellular role and maintain strong muscles. For a cat whose cells age and the muscle mass degenerates, proteins are essential. Fat provides energy and contributes to the health of many systems and organs.

In conclusion, the old cat will receive a high-protein diet. Only if certain conditions contraindicate high protein consumption (kidney disease) will be reversed from this principle.


Older Cat Digestive Problems

Cat digestive problems appear when he loses its efficiency as he gets older. Thus malabsorption occurs. Some nutrients are no longer absorbed in the body. Fats are the most disadvantaged by this. That’s why the cat needs to consume easily digestible fats. Your veterinarian can advise you on this. Ask for help or when you notice cat’s weight loss, although the diet

The taste and, in particular, the smell of the cat diminishes in old age. So food is no more a big attraction for your cat .The cat will no longer be attracted to food and will eat less, with adverse health consequences.Take action in this regard! Offer wet food that is tastier. The warming up at room temperature delivers flavors.


Leave food for 2 hours outside the refrigerator before feeding the cat. Or you can heat your microwave. Mix well because microwaves do not heat food uniformly. For both wet and dry food, add a strong flavor such as oil or juice of a canned fish, meat sauce or even fresh.


Constipation And Diarrhea In Cat

Easier to install in cat. A diet rich in fiber can prevent this incidence. A fiber supplement in the food can provide an optimal intestinal transit in this way you can avoid constipation and diarrhea.

You will notice that with the aging the cat will become more pretentious. What he liked yesterday, today refuses. It may be food palatability (as we have seen above) or it is to blame the cat’s nervous system in degeneration. You need to be patient with the old cat and her wishes.


Aging In Cat

Is often accompanied by mouth disease, which alters mastication. Caries teeth, sensitive gums prevent the cat from eating and this will refuse food so aging in cat is a problem like for humans.

In this context, all wet food is the best solution. If you still prefer dry food, soak the grains in warm water or meat soup.

Eat several times a day. Old cats choose to eat more often at each meal. The food left in the bowl from the table to the other, not to be altered or to catch a skin, because it will no longer taste the feline.

Vitamins and minerals may also be deficient in absorption. Essential antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E should not be missing from the cat’s daily diet. Ask your veterinarian for advice about what dietary supplements your “grandmother” would need.


Dehydration In Cat

Dehydration is inevitable in the senior cat. Feeling thirsty is lacking in cats who forget to drink water. It may be difficult to determine your feline to drink water. Always put a pot or more with fresh water at cat disposal.

There are in market, well-oxygenated fountains for cats especially, which seem to attract more cats to drink. Adding flavors to drinking water can attract more cats. A fresh flower grass pot to always be present in the house. The cat will consume this plant or the cat will have certain digestive problems.

Seek in a market the types of food specially designed for elderly cats. Generally, they are formulated to meet the needs of older cats. Do not be forgotten why it is written on the packaging at first glance. Read the label!

Homemade food can be a healthy alternative only if you have the necessary knowledge about the metabolic needs of the cat. The food made in the house is tastier and healthier. If you have the time and information you need, use this kind of food for your beloved cat.

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