Cat Diseases And Symptoms – Need Help ?

Cats are pet preferred by many because they are affectionate, clean and have positive effects on the master’s emotional state. However, cats sometimes have certain health problems that need to be resolved urgently by the veterinarian.

Although they are said to have nine lives, cats are not as strong as they want to impress. The simplest way we can have a healthy cat is to go to the veterinarian’s office regularly for a routine check
Here is the main list :

  • Cat Common Diseases
  • Deadly Cat Diseases
  • How to wash a kitten

Cat Common Diseases

Cat diseases seem to be a real problem among cat which untreated leads to injury and in some cases death. Parasites are one of the most common conditions in cats. Cat parasites symptoms can occur due to fleas or ticks and lead to the occurrence of anemia, especially in a kitten,  tapeworm, roundworms.

In order to prevent this problem, the cat must be washed frequently with flea shampoo and ticks, outdoors should be avoided, and house space (carpets, blankets) should be sanitized w

weekly with an insecticide.

Intestinal parasites are also a common problem in cats. These may result from the use of grounded soil or sand in the litter or the inadequately cooked meat consumption.

Kittens are the most sensitive to worms. A check at the veterinarian can accurately determine what type of intestinal parasites the animal has and what treatment is needed.

Obesity is another common “disease”. Almost half of the cats are overweight, according to recent studies.

Food at your discretion, carbohydrate-rich foods (rice) and lack of movement are factors that contribute to the development of obesity in cats. A higher risk exists for

sterilized cats, which continue to eat at the same rate, although the calorie requirement is much lower.

Dermatological problems if it starts scratches, bites his skin, and his fur abounds may be the victim of dermatitis. Also, the presence of crusts, redness, dry skin and scaly skin are other signs that they may suffer from skin disease.

Among the causes that lead to such dermatological problems are allergies caused by flea bites, food allergies, abscesses caused by bites or scratches or fungal infections.

Early treatment is essential for cat health, especially since some skin problems can be transmitted from animal to human

Deadly Cat Diseases

In some cases, cat disease untreated can be deadly to this majestic creature. Hyperthyroidism is a common problem especially in the case of old cats, a common endocrine disorder in cats. This problem occurs especially in the case of old cats when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone.
Hyperthyroidism means that the body process speed up and you may experience nervousness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hand tremor, excessive sweating, weight loss, and sleep problems, among other symptoms.

Advanced age Renal Insufficiency can increase the risk of Kidney Failure, a condition that, if not treated, can even lead to death. Among the symptoms that can cause such a problem are voiding, vomiting, refusal to eat, lack of urination.

Accumulation of toxins as a result of an inability to urinate can lead to renal blockage. Thus, diuretics and various supplements to restore renal function are required.

Lymphoma, a type of cancer that can not be cured, but whose symptoms can be relieved by specific treatment. Lymphoma is manifested by lack of appetite, weight loss and swelling in the chest area and can affect the liver, spleen, kidneys, respiratory tract, eyes, and brain.

Diseases of teeth and gums, cats may lose their teeth before time due to gingivitis inflammation, excessive plaque build-up, or immune system problems. Cats do not eat solid food anymore, the gums resorb and the teeth seem to break apart, and then they fall.

In order to avoid such problems, it is good that once a year the veterinarian should consult the small cat’s teeth and take action if they consider the plaque to be excess.

Although is recommended to do dental brushing, too few cats allow the masters to do so

Diabetes in cats is of two types: either it is caused by insufficient insulin production, or cells are no longer able to use insulin effectively. Even if cats can get diabetes at any age, this condition is more common in old or obese cats.

Among the most common symptoms are: excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, skin, and fur are in poor condition.

How to wash a kitten

The first thing before you wash a kitten is to prepare your bath in case the cat starts fighting to get rid of when it touches the water. How to that is not a blocking point in owning a cat but needs some strength in first-time bath, you will be surprised how manic became in contact with water. It would be good to apply a rubber mat on the bottom of the case. Thus, a cat scared to contact with water will find a landmark faster than lean on the enamel surface of the bat, which can be hurt.

The next step is to protect the bathroom floor from possible splashing with water from cat washing. For this purpose, you could stretch some towels in the vicinity of the bat. They can also work as a safer surface in case the cat suddenly jumps out of the tub and wants to run away.

Before you bring the cat to the bathroom, put the shampoo and a towel away so that you do not have to look for them during the wash when your attention should be focused on the cat.

It is important to use a gentle shampoo for the cat’s skin, especially the first time you take a bath. it is recommended to buy a shampoo from a pet shop, do not use your shampoo.




It is recommended to speak calmly, with a gentle tone, and try to calm it down through the coffins when you bring it into the tub. When you were able to put it in the water, you should start to wash it immediately, starting from the tail. Do not prolong the operation longer than needed.



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