Older Cat Nutrition

As the cat gets older, the body changes its nutritional requirements. Nutrition is the secret to iron health up to the most advanced ages.

The digestive system begins to have functional problems, and the metabolism of the cat slows down. With proper nutrition and age-appropriate cats, you can extend the life of your beloved feline.


Here is the main list :

  • Older cat diet
  • Older cat digestive problems
  • Constipation and diarrhea in cat
  • Dehydration in cat

Older Cat Diet

The metabolic rate in older cat decreases, if this adds to exercise, obesity becomes a threat so a diet is a better idea.

Research shows that the old cat (8-10 years old) is facing obesity, while the geriatric cat (over 12 years old) has a lot of weight loss. Referred to the waist and cat breed, old can be installed earlier and later. Ask your veterinarian about the optimal nutrition for your cat.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the old cat should not be placed on a restrictive protein or calorie diet. The elderly cat needs good quality protein to maintain a strong immune system. Proteins also have a complete structural cellular role and maintain strong muscles. For a cat whose cells age and the muscle mass degenerates, proteins are essential. Fat provides energy and contributes to the health of many systems and organs.

In conclusion, the old cat will receive a high-protein diet. Only if certain conditions contraindicate high protein consumption (kidney disease) will be reversed from this principle.


Older Cat Digestive Problems

Cat digestive problems appear when he loses its efficiency as he gets older. Thus malabsorption occurs. Some nutrients are no longer absorbed in the body. Fats are the most disadvantaged by this. That’s why the cat needs to consume easily digestible fats. Your veterinarian can advise you on this. Ask for help or when you notice cat’s weight loss, although the diet

The taste and, in particular, the smell of the cat diminishes in old age. So food is no more a big attraction for your cat .The cat will no longer be attracted to food and will eat less, with adverse health consequences.Take action in this regard! Offer wet food that is tastier. The warming up at room temperature delivers flavors.


Leave food for 2 hours outside the refrigerator before feeding the cat. Or you can heat your microwave. Mix well because microwaves do not heat food uniformly. For both wet and dry food, add a strong flavor such as oil or juice of a canned fish, meat sauce or even fresh.


Constipation And Diarrhea In Cat

Easier to install in cat. A diet rich in fiber can prevent this incidence. A fiber supplement in the food can provide an optimal intestinal transit in this way you can avoid constipation and diarrhea.

You will notice that with the aging the cat will become more pretentious. What he liked yesterday, today refuses. It may be food palatability (as we have seen above) or it is to blame the cat’s nervous system in degeneration. You need to be patient with the old cat and her wishes.


Aging In Cat

Is often accompanied by mouth disease, which alters mastication. Caries teeth, sensitive gums prevent the cat from eating and this will refuse food so aging in cat is a problem like for humans.

In this context, all wet food is the best solution. If you still prefer dry food, soak the grains in warm water or meat soup.

Eat several times a day. Old cats choose to eat more often at each meal. The food left in the bowl from the table to the other, not to be altered or to catch a skin, because it will no longer taste the feline.

Vitamins and minerals may also be deficient in absorption. Essential antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E should not be missing from the cat’s daily diet. Ask your veterinarian for advice about what dietary supplements your “grandmother” would need.


Dehydration In Cat

Dehydration is inevitable in the senior cat. Feeling thirsty is lacking in cats who forget to drink water. It may be difficult to determine your feline to drink water. Always put a pot or more with fresh water at cat disposal.

There are in market, well-oxygenated fountains for cats especially, which seem to attract more cats to drink. Adding flavors to drinking water can attract more cats. A fresh flower grass pot to always be present in the house. The cat will consume this plant or the cat will have certain digestive problems.

Seek in a market the types of food specially designed for elderly cats. Generally, they are formulated to meet the needs of older cats. Do not be forgotten why it is written on the packaging at first glance. Read the label!

Homemade food can be a healthy alternative only if you have the necessary knowledge about the metabolic needs of the cat. The food made in the house is tastier and healthier. If you have the time and information you need, use this kind of food for your beloved cat.

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Car Travel With Cats – 10 Tips

Some cat owners prefer to take the loved pet with them when they go on a little trip, or even on vacation, rather than leave them home to friends or take them to an animal hotel. But what these masters do not know is that for a cat travel by car is stressing.

Traveling with the cat requires more than just put the feline in the back seat and going to the road, especially if the road is long and lasting. But if you insist to go with your cat in the car, read the following tips to make sure you know how to travel safely.

Cat Travel Cage

The travel cage ensures not only the safety of your cat but also the fact that it has access to the air and can breathe easily. There are numerous models and sizes of cat transport boxes.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s big enough for your cat to stay, to be able to get in, to be able to return. It is also advisable to let the cat learn with the transport cage before the actual trip.


How To Prepare A Cat For Travel

To make sure that a cat is ready to cope for a car trip, it is advisable to start walking a little every day to prepare it with a long car travel. As a cat is used to transport, it gradually increases the time and distance traveled so depends how willing you are to help it.

Do not forget to fasten the seat belt so that it does not overturn in the event of a brake or a sudden turn.


When Should I Feed The Cat

If you are planning a long journey, it is advisable to feed the cat at least 4 hours before your departure. Give her a light meal to avoid indigestion. Do not feed the cat while the car is on the move if you do not want her to vomit in the car. Dry food is indicated in small quantities so I recommend you should feed it when you have stopped the car.

Cats In Car, Never Left Alone In Parking Lot

We all know that on a summer day a car becomes a real oven, even if the windows are left a little open. Heat from the hot car can be fatal to your cat. On the other hand, if the trip is winter, the temperature in the car can drop below freezing, causing the cat’s frost. Cats left in car is a bad idea.


What Cat Loves , Included In The Trip

When you go with a feline in the back seat,from your luggage should not be missing: the cat food and the dish, a leash, caregivers, medication and a first aid kit, some favorite toys , and a blanket he’s used to staying at home to create a familiar environment. What cat loves should be mandatory added to travel items


Personalized Cat Collar 

It is advisable to make sure the cat has a personalized collar on which some identification data will be written.

You will surely let your cat walk a few steps around the car, or in the unit where you will be accommodated during the trip. Thus, if the cat wanders and is found by other tourists, the chances to recover it are much higher.


Does Curiosity Kill Cats ? 

Cats are very curious animals which indicate signs of their intelligence. Because in this article I speak about how to travel by car with a cat,  does curiosity kill cats, I can say that it’s possible along the journey.

Although pulling the head off the window while driving is a dog-specific activity, cats are curious to test this type of fun. But what owners do not know is that pulling the head off the window can be done with the injuring of the feline because of the objects that other drivers drive out of the car, or because of the petroleum jump from the wheels of the cars or can jump out of window.

Pay attention to your cat reactions during the journey!


Cat Vaccinations Necessary, Rabies Vaccine

If you are planning to take your cat out of the country, it is advisable to make sure the rabies vaccine is taken before you go on the road. Cat vaccination necessary if your cat will encounter stray or unhealthy animals.

You have no way of knowing what might happen to your catin a foreign country and it is better to be sure that her healthis not compromised.


Feline Digestive Problems , To Be Avoided

It’s not your cat is spoiled, but if you let her drink water from a pond or river you risk her having problems with the digestive system that result in diarrhea or vomiting. I think Im right when I say that none of these feline digestive system problems are welcome on a trip.

Prepare Car For Road Trip, Cat Will Play

If you often take your cat by car, it might be a good idea to prepare car for road trip with rubberized cushions and waterproof covers to make sure the feline does not damage your car.

We all know that cats love to play and in a long journey will be plenty of time to play, scratch, bite your car interior.

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Cat Diseases And Symptoms – Need Help ?

Cats are pet preferred by many because they are affectionate, clean and have positive effects on the master’s emotional state. However, cats sometimes have certain health problems that need to be resolved urgently by the veterinarian.

Although they are said to have nine lives, cats are not as strong as they want to impress. The simplest way we can have a healthy cat is to go to the veterinarian’s office regularly for a routine check
Here is the main list :

  • Cat Common Diseases
  • Deadly Cat Diseases
  • How to wash a kitten

Cat Common Diseases

Cat diseases seem to be a real problem among cat which untreated leads to injury and in some cases death. Parasites are one of the most common conditions in cats. Cat parasites symptoms can occur due to fleas or ticks and lead to the occurrence of anemia, especially in a kitten,  tapeworm, roundworms.

In order to prevent this problem, the cat must be washed frequently with flea shampoo and ticks, outdoors should be avoided, and house space (carpets, blankets) should be sanitized w

weekly with an insecticide.

Intestinal parasites are also a common problem in cats. These may result from the use of grounded soil or sand in the litter or the inadequately cooked meat consumption.

Kittens are the most sensitive to worms. A check at the veterinarian can accurately determine what type of intestinal parasites the animal has and what treatment is needed.

Obesity is another common “disease”. Almost half of the cats are overweight, according to recent studies.

Food at your discretion, carbohydrate-rich foods (rice) and lack of movement are factors that contribute to the development of obesity in cats. A higher risk exists for

sterilized cats, which continue to eat at the same rate, although the calorie requirement is much lower.

Dermatological problems if it starts scratches, bites his skin, and his fur abounds may be the victim of dermatitis. Also, the presence of crusts, redness, dry skin and scaly skin are other signs that they may suffer from skin disease.

Among the causes that lead to such dermatological problems are allergies caused by flea bites, food allergies, abscesses caused by bites or scratches or fungal infections.

Early treatment is essential for cat health, especially since some skin problems can be transmitted from animal to human

Deadly Cat Diseases

In some cases, cat disease untreated can be deadly to this majestic creature. Hyperthyroidism is a common problem especially in the case of old cats, a common endocrine disorder in cats. This problem occurs especially in the case of old cats when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone.
Hyperthyroidism means that the body process speed up and you may experience nervousness, anxiety, rapid heartbeat, hand tremor, excessive sweating, weight loss, and sleep problems, among other symptoms.

Advanced age Renal Insufficiency can increase the risk of Kidney Failure, a condition that, if not treated, can even lead to death. Among the symptoms that can cause such a problem are voiding, vomiting, refusal to eat, lack of urination.

Accumulation of toxins as a result of an inability to urinate can lead to renal blockage. Thus, diuretics and various supplements to restore renal function are required.

Lymphoma, a type of cancer that can not be cured, but whose symptoms can be relieved by specific treatment. Lymphoma is manifested by lack of appetite, weight loss and swelling in the chest area and can affect the liver, spleen, kidneys, respiratory tract, eyes, and brain.

Diseases of teeth and gums, cats may lose their teeth before time due to gingivitis inflammation, excessive plaque build-up, or immune system problems. Cats do not eat solid food anymore, the gums resorb and the teeth seem to break apart, and then they fall.

In order to avoid such problems, it is good that once a year the veterinarian should consult the small cat’s teeth and take action if they consider the plaque to be excess.

Although is recommended to do dental brushing, too few cats allow the masters to do so

Diabetes in cats is of two types: either it is caused by insufficient insulin production, or cells are no longer able to use insulin effectively. Even if cats can get diabetes at any age, this condition is more common in old or obese cats.

Among the most common symptoms are: excessive thirst and urination, weight loss, vomiting, loss of appetite, skin, and fur are in poor condition.

How to wash a kitten

The first thing before you wash a kitten is to prepare your bath in case the cat starts fighting to get rid of when it touches the water. How to that is not a blocking point in owning a cat but needs some strength in first-time bath, you will be surprised how manic became in contact with water. It would be good to apply a rubber mat on the bottom of the case. Thus, a cat scared to contact with water will find a landmark faster than lean on the enamel surface of the bat, which can be hurt.

The next step is to protect the bathroom floor from possible splashing with water from cat washing. For this purpose, you could stretch some towels in the vicinity of the bat. They can also work as a safer surface in case the cat suddenly jumps out of the tub and wants to run away.

Before you bring the cat to the bathroom, put the shampoo and a towel away so that you do not have to look for them during the wash when your attention should be focused on the cat.

It is important to use a gentle shampoo for the cat’s skin, especially the first time you take a bath. it is recommended to buy a shampoo from a pet shop, do not use your shampoo.




It is recommended to speak calmly, with a gentle tone, and try to calm it down through the coffins when you bring it into the tub. When you were able to put it in the water, you should start to wash it immediately, starting from the tail. Do not prolong the operation longer than needed.



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Hybrid House Cats – A New Cat Species

In this topic, I will speak about hybrid house cats and what new species have appeared.

As you know or do not know, biological hybridization is a process in which animals are crossed breeded for fun or for biological reasons giving birth to some special specimens but sometimes very curious and funny.


Here is the main list :

  • Process Of Hybridization
  • Strange Cats Breeds
  • About Hybrid Cat

Process Of Hybridization

The first process was made in 1960 by Georges Berski and his collaborators, who used mouse cells, belonging to two different lines grown in the mix; they have found that they can fuse and form hybrid cells. These cells exhibit morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics different from those of fused cells, but include the total chromosome count of the genitals. Cellular of hybridization in animals is successful if two impediments are solved:

  • finding an inducing agent to speed up cell fusion; inactivated Sendai virus is used;
  • selecting hybrid cells from culture.

Selective culture has been found in which the hybrid cells multiply and the genitor cells are removed.

Once these conditions are met, the fusion of different somatic cells and formation of the heterokaryon occurs.

Subsequently, nucleus fusion takes place, followed by successive mitotic divisions. Finally, somatic hybrid cells are formed. These cells can not regenerate hybrid animal organisms. They form hybrid cell clones, to which chromosomes of one of the genitals are preferentially eliminated.

In human-mouse hybrid cell cultures, some of the human chromosomes are eliminated. As a result, there is a significant variation in the number of chromosomes in the hybrid progeny. The practical importance of this phenomenon lies in the fact that human chromosomal maps can be made that allow accurate identification of normal and mutant genes on chromosomes.

Hybrid cells containing chromosomal restorations are subsequently tested for the presence or absence of specific enzymes genes that determine the occurrence of human hereditary diseases are precisely identified. (


Here we have an example of a hybrid made between a donkey and a zebra called Zebroid.


Strange Cats Breeds

In some cases hybridization process made some funny combination, making some strange cats breeds but beautiful in the same way. Have a look down and see for yourself.

  • Bambino Cat

The Bambino is a breed of cat that was created as a cross between the Sphinx and the Munchkin breeds. The Bambino cat has short legs, large upright ears, and is usually hairless.

Bambino Cat

  • Exotic Shorthair Cat

    Exotic Shorthair Cat

Exotic Shorthair cat breed is an ‘accidental’ breed. The initial intention of American Shorthair cat breeders was to mating this Persian cat.



  • Poodle Cat

Poodle Cat is a cross-breeding between Devon Rex and Scotish Fold.

Poodle Cat

  • Himalayan Cat

    Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat  is a breed or sub-breed of long-haired cat identical in type to the Persian cat, with the exception of its blue eyes and its point coloration which was derived from crossing the

Persian with the Siamese.




  • Safari Cat

The Safari cat is a hybrid cross between the wild Geoffroy’s cat and the Domestic Shorthair.

Safari Cat

  • Chausie Cat

The Chausie cat is a combination of domestic breed cat and jungle cat.

Chausie Cat







  • Bengal Cat

The original Bengal cats are a hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cats. They were developed by various people, most notably Jean Sugden Mill, in the 1970s and 80s with the aim of harnessing the beauty of the wildcat, yet maintaining the temperament of the domestic cat.

Bengal Cat

  • Cheetoh Cat

    Cheetoh Cat

The Cheetoh Cat, originating in the United States of America, was developed by crossing the Bengal Cat and the Ocicat. These spotted cats were bred with the intention of creating a unique pedigree cat.



  • Pixie-Bob Cat

The Pixie-Bob breed is thought to have started from the unplanned litter of a bobcat and domestic cat.

Pixie-Bob Cat

  • Havana Brown

    Havana Brown

The Havana Brown was the result of a planned breeding between Siamese and domestic black cats.





  • Ragdoll Cat

The ragdoll cat is a cross-breeding between Persian cat and  Burmese cat. The ragdoll cat is one of the most beautiful hybrid cat.

Ragdoll Cat

  • Caracal cat

One of the most expensive cat, around 30k $, is a crossbreeding between the African bobcat and domestic cat.

Caracal cat



  • Savannah Cat

Savanah Cat is a cross-breeding between serval cat an domestic cat.Developed to give the impression of grandeur and dignity of a wildcat with a cheetah type appearance, expressive eyes highlighted by dark tear stains, vibrant coat colors, solid contrasting black spots, huge sonar-like ears and long legs.

Savannah Cat

About Hybrid Cat

Science and technology have come to a point where almost everything is possible, including creating animals in the lab. And, no matter how hard it seems to be, the photos up are not made in Photoshop, but they are all real, and about hybrid cat created from the crossbreeding of different races even exist.

From my point of view, the most beautiful hybrid cat breed is Ragdoll cat and Chausie Cat! What is your favorite hybrid cat?


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Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

We all love cat lovers know about the beauty of the blue eyes cat that seems from another realm , something like where is only purity and love , right ?

Why some cats have blue eyes ?

Cats eyes, which are pretty much always mesmerizing, seem to take on an extra special glint when their hue is blue. In fact, blue eyes in a cat come from two sets of genes: one that limits the expression of color to specific body areas, the other that relates to the dominant white gene that masks color.


Here is the main list :

  • Blue Eyes Cat
  • White Kitten With Blue Eyes
  • How Do You Realize Your Cat Is Deaf

Blue Eyes Cat

 1. Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules cat is one of the most beautiful breeds of blue eyes cats. It is medium-sized, has a graceful appearance, and the anterior limbs are shorter than the posterior.

Her eyes are very beautiful, expressive, large, round, almond-shaped and with the blue iris. He has a playful, active temperament, especially cheerful in the early years of his life. He loves the master and is very affectionate with him.





2. Persian Cat

Persian Cat


Persian cats can be recognized after the long and fluffy fur, the cute face and the blue eyes. Affiliated, peaceful, never aggressive, sweet and affectionate, she has a special attachment to the master. It is perfectly understood with children and dogs. Faces of strangers are distant. Dense and rather rare meadow.

These cats require special care from the chicken phase, the maintenance of the fur being a complicated activity.




3. Siamese Cat 

The Siamese cat is a medium-sized cat and also has a place in the top 5 blue-eyed cat breeds. It is a long-lived and elegant cat with a long, slender body, well-muscled and delicate. The middle-si

Siamese Cat

zed head forms a perfect equilateral triangle that starts from the nose and gradually widens to the ears, with straight lines, without bumps in the touch of the tactile wings

Ragdoll Cat





4Ragdoll Cat 

Cats of this breed are very sociable and like the company of people, other cats, and friendly dogs. From the first moment, you notice a lovely Ragdoll blue eyes.

These cats, which are among the finest breeds of blue-eyed cats, adore their master and are also very friendly with their visitors. At the same time, these cats are wonderful comrades for children.


5. Burmese cat

Burmese cat


The Burmese cats are also part of the blue-eyed cat breeds category. It is noticeable through fur patches and blue eyes. They are playful, very active and adapt to your style and your family. They are also gentle and very loyal to their masters.

The body is long and elegant, but heavily built. The Burmese cat has a wide, round face, a relatively long nose that narrows to the tip, middle-sized ears, positioned at a great distance from each other, and the eyes rather round are as blue as possible.



6. Balinese Cat 

It seems that from time to time, Siamese nests were also born kittens with long fur, a characteristic that made them be removed from the breeding lines.

This situation ended in the sixth decade of the last century, when two Siamese breeders, Marion

Balinese Cat

Dorsey (California Rai-Mar) and Helen Smith (New York’s MerryMews) were charmed by long-haired kittens their nests and decided not to castrate them, thus laying the foundations for a new breed.




7. Oriental Shorthair 

The Shorthaired oriental cat has Siamese-like features and is related to these. Around the 1950s, the public’s general interest in new varieties and new breeds makes American and British breeders turn their attention to Siamese cats with a different color.

This Oriental race originated in the UK around the 1950s, with British Asian upwardness and cleverness. Also in these years, the breed was imported into the United States, where it was registered by the CFA in 1972 under the name “Oriental Shorthair” and admitted in the 1977 championship.

Oriental Shorthair

White Kitten With Blue Eyes– Deaf?

White kitten with blue eyes is said to be deaf, but what is not said is that not all white cats suffer from this disability, but only some of them. Indeed, there is a link between white fur and deafness in the case of felines, but this link is genetic, quite complicated.

What is the connection between white fur and deafness in cats?

Strictly genetically, there is no gene that gives the white color of the cat’s fur. But there is a gene called the W gene that masks the gene that normally gives the color of the fur, preventing any other color from appearing, thus remaining white.

In other words, white cats have a gene for another color, but this gene is masked by the W gene, which does not allow the development of melanin, thus preventing the appearance of that color.

Melanin is a substance that affects not only the color of the cat’s fur but also the cochlea located in the lower part of the ear. If the cat has the W gene that prevents the development of melanin, this will soon lead to the appearance of deafness, affecting the cochlea. The same gene that masks the color gene is also responsible for the blue color of the eyes. If the cat has blue eyes there is a chance to be deaf, but if the cat has only one blue eye, it is likely to be deaf to one ear, the other can develop normally.

How do you realize your cat is deaf?

If you suspect that your white cat is deaf, you have to test it to confirm this theory. The veterinarian will recommend the test you need to determine if the feline is deaf. But until you get to the veterinarian, you can see her in-house behavior when you make gestures such as applause, whistling, call her name to see if she responds.

To be sure the cat is really deaf and not only choose to ignore you, you must repeat the gestures that are meant to attract attention.

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Ancient Cats History – Pass Through Ancient World , Medieval Time and Art


No one knows exactly when or how the cats appeared on Terra. Most researchers, however, agree that the oldest cat’s predecessor was probably a similar animal to the weasel, called Miacis, who lived almost 40-50 million years ago so ancient cats history is a long subject.

Miacis is considered to be the common ancestor of several terrestrial carnivores, including the dog and the cat. But apparently, the cat appeared several million years before the first dog. Perhaps the most famous of prehistoric cats is Smilodon, a cat with palm-shaped teeth sometimes called tiger. This formidable animal battles through the world, but has disappeared long ago.

Here is the main list :

  • Cats in the Ancient World
  • Cats In Medieval Times
  • Cat In Art

Cats in the Ancient World

Bastet God

The first association of cats with humans in the ancient time  began, apparently, towards the end of the Stone Age  since then , cat is a common pet loved by entire world. However, it took several centuries for the cat to become a domestic animal. About 5000 years ago, cats were accepted as pets in Egypt. Many of the breeds we know today have evolved from these ancient cats.

The Egyptians used the cat for fishing and bird hunting, but also for destroying rats and mice infesting grain stores along the Nile. The cat was considered to be so valuable that the Egyptians protected it by law, and eventually a cat cult appeared, having a life of more than 2,000 years.

The cat goddess called Bastet, also known as Bast, Pasht, et al., Became one of the most sacred of all the venerated gods from Ancient World. Bastet was represented with a cat’s head. Soon, all cats became sacred to the Egyptians, being very respected and cared for.

After the death of a cat, his body was mummified and buried in a special cemetery. Such a cemetery was found in the 19th century and contained the preserved bodies of over 3000 cats.

The Egyptians had strict laws prohibiting the export of cats; however, due to the fact that highly valued cats in other parts of the world for their ability to capture mice, Greeks and Romans led them to all parts of Europe. Domestic cats have also been found in India, China and Japan, where they were appreciated as pets, but also as rodent hunters.

Cats In Medieval Times

The fate of cats underwent a radical change in Europe in medieval times. Cats have become the object of superstition, being associated with evil. It was believed that cats were invested with evil powers, were associated with witches and were sometimes considered to be an Incarnation of the Devil. People who owned cats were suspected of witchcraft and were sentenced to death, along with their cats.

The cats were hunted, tortured and sacrificed. On religious days, many cats were sometimes burned alive as part of the celebration. Live cats were built inside the walls of houses or other buildings in the belief that this would bring them luck. As the population of cats shrinks, the number of rats carrying various diseases increased, a factor contributing largely to the spread of plague and other epidemic diseases in Europe

By the seventeenth century, cats began to regain their former place of companion to man and controlling the spread of rodents. Cardinal Richelieu was renowned for his love for cats. Many writers, especially from France and England, began to own cats as pets and to write about their good qualities. It has become a fashion to have one or more cats, especially long hair types.

Towards the end of the 19th century, cat exhibitions began to take place in England and the US, and cats’ associations were founded. Many of the superstitions related to cats in the Middle Ages are still preserved, but today, the most well-known of them being the black cat, which brings bad luck.

Cat In Art

Even in art cat have been the favorite subject of artists and writers for centuries. Perhaps the most famous of all artistic representations is that of the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet. Ancient sculptures and paintings with the image of a cat’s head have been found in many places on the Nile Valley ,  .

Japanese artists excelled in portraying the cats. Some of the drawings were so realistic that in the ancient world,

Go-To-Ku-Ji Temple

they were considered to be magical. People believed that if this drawing is hung in homes and temples, they will keep mice and rats away.

Among the most popular Japanese cats is Maneki-Neko, a small cat, which is believed to bring happiness and luck. Buddhists worshiped cats after death, and Go-To-Ku-Ji temple in Tokyo is dedicated to them.

The famous priests in the temples echoed excitement for the souls of the felines. The temples were littered with sculptures, cats and embossed garlands representing cats.

In every representation, the cat has a big paw to greet, and this is the classic representation of the Japanese cat Maneki-Neko.



Throughout the history of the cat, she showed great abilities to adapt to the new environment even though she was persecuted since Middle Ages then idolized in our times.

The cat is a mysterious creature which still makes us ask questions today about her powers to heal us and to bring us peace of mind.

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Common House Cat Breeds – Some Of The Most Adaptable Breeds

The cat is a beautiful animal with an extraordinary elegance compared to other animals has its own personality. You’re wondering, “Does cat has its own personality“?

I will give my example of personality, I don’t like to be awakened suddenly or I don’t like to do what someone says to or I offer love when I consider, I don’t like to be forced, so…If you are a cat lover you will know that cat hate same things. From my point of view, the cat has it own have personality.

Here is the main list :

  • Why Cat Is The Best Pet
  • Common House Cat Breeds
  • Common Behavior Of House Cat
  • Common Breeds vs Rare Breeds

Why Cat Is The Best Pet

Why cat can live along humans settlements, climates, terrains, reliefs is a remarkable thing. Being small there are a lot of hideouts where can hide, eat, give birth. Their adaptation to humans life is awesome like: do needs in a litter box, adaptation to a new food ( supermarket food), learned to live in

busy city (stray cats).Many can say that cat is the best pet for indoor life.

Cats can wash and seems it never forget that for us is great, no time loss of washing or going out, being a clean pet allows to have success in a new era, humans era.

To not forget about the beauty of this pet, for which was made statues in their owl, maybe the ancient Egyptians know something about these mysterious animals that we still do not know.

Common House Cat Breeds

The list of cat breeds is very long and diverse counting around 73 species, for this subject we will need an entire article.Here is a list of house cat , top 5 in my oppion.

1. Mackerel Cat

Mackerel Cat

Characteristic of this variety is the presence of a line formation, which resembles the letter M, located on the cat’s forehead.

Legend says the Prophet Muhammad he loved cats very much, so he meant his favorite cat by his first name, the descendants of that cat inheriting this trait. Mackerel cats show stripes on the entire surface of the blade, whether continuous or interrupted. The most common varieties are red and brown Mackerel.



2. Tabby Cat

Tabby Cat

Like the Mackerel, Tabby cats have the letter M on the forehead. The difference between the two is the width of the stripes on the body, as well as their pattern.

Tabby cats are wider, forming a maze, whirling, shooting targets, etc. Parallel stripes are especially present on the limbs and on the tail.




3. Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo Cat

There are 10 types of bicolor cats, identified according to the percentage of the two colors present. Some other varieties of bicolored cats have their own names, such as Tuxedo (frac), Mask and Mantle (Van and Mask), Van, etc.

The Tuxedo cat is a specific type of bicolor cat. She has colored fur only in black and white. White is usually limited to the area of the abdomen, swans, neck, chest, and face.


4. Cat Calico

Cat Calico

The coat of these cats has three colors, white, black and red, spread across the entire surface of the body, in the form of irregular and asymmetrical spots. These cats are almost exclusively females.


5. Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold

All Scottish Folds are born with their straight ears. After about 21 days, the ears of the kitten carrying the gene of the breed begin to bend. Cats with smaller ears and farms are preferred to those with large ears and with a “left” look.

Even with this bend of cartilage, cats express themselves as much as other races with their ears. The large and rounded eyes, the round head, give the cats of the Fold a particular look.

Common Behavior Of House Cat

Cat behavior make them to be one of the most common pet. Cat love to rub up against their owners This movement may involve their entire body or sometimes just their foreheads and cheeks. Most owners see this as a sign of affection and welcome because of this house behavior.

Cats need to scratch surfaces to sharpen their claws but they also use tthis behavior to deposit their scent. Cats have scent glands on their paws and rubbing their paws along objects places their scent there.

Cats meow to communicate with humans. This endearing method of speech is heard in young kittens, to get their mother’s attention but is rarely heard between cats. So when your cat meows to you, it is a special form of cat-to-human conversation.

Common Breeds vs Rare Breeds

Common breeds is a cat adapted much more to the human life instead of rare breeds , most of them made by will.  I will do a comparison between Sphynx Cat vs European Shorthair

Sphynx Cat

  • Origin and history

Lack of hair is a feature that has appeared in many different places and times. The hairless cat was recorded in Latin America in the 1830s. There are also hairless cats findings in France, Austria, the Czech Republic, England, Canada, USA, Mexico, Morocco, Russia, and Hawaii.

The history of hairless cats, or the Sphinx cat, began in the 1960s with the birth of a cat on a farm in Minnesota, when farmers noticed several generations of cats without hair. One of these Sfinx cats lived for 19 years.

  • Care and food

The Sphinx cat needs care, even if it does not have hair. It needs regular washing to remove oil and secretions from sebaceous glands. It is important to know that these secretions are perfectly normal, but the Sphinx cat, due to lack of hair, cannot absorb it. If this oily layer is not removed, it can cause skin problems.

During cold periods, make sure that your Sphinx cat has a warm shelter because he has no fur that could provide protection. Also, when you take it out, apply a protective cream to the animals to prevent sunburn.

  • Life conditions

For the Sphinx cat, the best living conditions are provided by the interior. The primary reason for this “claim” is that the Sphinx cat is not able to survive in hostile conditions. In the absence of fur, the Sphinx cat does not resist cold and avoids sleeping on cold surfaces. And to prevent boredom, you can set up a playground to keep it busy and happy.

European Shorthair

  • Origin and history

There are more than 5 000 years since the cat was domesticated. In ancient Egypt, the first European cat was used to protect barns against pests. The Egyptians venerated the European cat and imposed the death penalty on those who killed this cat. Also, the European cat was mummified before being buried.

The European cat was brought from Egypt to Europe, while other long-haired breeds were brought from Turkey or Iran. Except for the Middle Ages when cats were associated with the devil, starting with the eighteenth century, the European cat became a popular and loved pet worldwide.

  • Care and food

The European cat is a carnivorous animal, that’s why it loves fresh fish and chickens. A well-fed European cat will be active, will have shiny fur and bright eyes. It must be fed 2-3 times a day. Dry food is healthier for her teeth. He needs a high protein diet and will use his own resources to satisfy them. Contrary to general beliefs, cow’s milk is not recommended for the European cat because the proteins present in cow’s milk are too large to digest easily and cause diarrhea or vomiting. Fresh water should be available at all times.

The European cat who lives in an apartment needs a box in which he will make his needs. This box should be emptied daily and changed and thoroughly cleaned at least twice a week. Cats do not like to make their needs in a messy place, and if this box does not find it clean several times in a row, it will find another place to do it. And it might not be the right place!

The European cat is a very clean animal and generally has the sole care of her hygiene by helping her tongue. A European cat when suddenly stops taking care of herself, means she is sick and must be taken immediately to the veterinarian.

  • Life conditions

The European cat feels good in any environment, whether inside or outside. Cats that are kept only outside should have a shelter (especially a barn) as a key element that makes a farm work by controlling the rodent population. A European cat will get out of his mind if he is kept in a small cage for a long time. The European cat is a very good animal.


If you want a rare breed cat or a common breed, you should have one because worth it!

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