Car Travel With Cats – 10 Tips

Some cat owners prefer to take the loved pet with them when they go on a little trip, or even on vacation, rather than leave them home to friends or take them to an animal hotel. But what these masters do not know is that for a cat travel by car is stressing.

Traveling with the cat requires more than just put the feline in the back seat and going to the road, especially if the road is long and lasting. But if you insist to go with your cat in the car, read the following tips to make sure you know how to travel safely.

Cat Travel Cage

The travel cage ensures not only the safety of your cat but also the fact that it has access to the air and can breathe easily. There are numerous models and sizes of cat transport boxes.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s big enough for your cat to stay, to be able to get in, to be able to return. It is also advisable to let the cat learn with the transport cage before the actual trip.


How To Prepare A Cat For Travel

To make sure that a cat is ready to cope for a car trip, it is advisable to start walking a little every day to prepare it with a long car travel. As a cat is used to transport, it gradually increases the time and distance traveled so depends how willing you are to help it.

Do not forget to fasten the seat belt so that it does not overturn in the event of a brake or a sudden turn.


When Should I Feed The Cat

If you are planning a long journey, it is advisable to feed the cat at least 4 hours before your departure. Give her a light meal to avoid indigestion. Do not feed the cat while the car is on the move if you do not want her to vomit in the car. Dry food is indicated in small quantities so I recommend you should feed it when you have stopped the car.

Cats In Car, Never Left Alone In Parking Lot

We all know that on a summer day a car becomes a real oven, even if the windows are left a little open. Heat from the hot car can be fatal to your cat. On the other hand, if the trip is winter, the temperature in the car can drop below freezing, causing the cat’s frost. Cats left in car is a bad idea.


What Cat Loves , Included In The Trip

When you go with a feline in the back seat,from your luggage should not be missing: the cat food and the dish, a leash, caregivers, medication and a first aid kit, some favorite toys , and a blanket he’s used to staying at home to create a familiar environment. What cat loves should be mandatory added to travel items


Personalized Cat Collar 

It is advisable to make sure the cat has a personalized collar on which some identification data will be written.

You will surely let your cat walk a few steps around the car, or in the unit where you will be accommodated during the trip. Thus, if the cat wanders and is found by other tourists, the chances to recover it are much higher.


Does Curiosity Kill Cats ? 

Cats are very curious animals which indicate signs of their intelligence. Because in this article I speak about how to travel by car with a cat,  does curiosity kill cats, I can say that it’s possible along the journey.

Although pulling the head off the window while driving is a dog-specific activity, cats are curious to test this type of fun. But what owners do not know is that pulling the head off the window can be done with the injuring of the feline because of the objects that other drivers drive out of the car, or because of the petroleum jump from the wheels of the cars or can jump out of window.

Pay attention to your cat reactions during the journey!


Cat Vaccinations Necessary, Rabies Vaccine

If you are planning to take your cat out of the country, it is advisable to make sure the rabies vaccine is taken before you go on the road. Cat vaccination necessary if your cat will encounter stray or unhealthy animals.

You have no way of knowing what might happen to your catin a foreign country and it is better to be sure that her healthis not compromised.


Feline Digestive Problems , To Be Avoided

It’s not your cat is spoiled, but if you let her drink water from a pond or river you risk her having problems with the digestive system that result in diarrhea or vomiting. I think Im right when I say that none of these feline digestive system problems are welcome on a trip.

Prepare Car For Road Trip, Cat Will Play

If you often take your cat by car, it might be a good idea to prepare car for road trip with rubberized cushions and waterproof covers to make sure the feline does not damage your car.

We all know that cats love to play and in a long journey will be plenty of time to play, scratch, bite your car interior.

If you have any questions or comments about anything, be sure to leave them in the comment section below and I will reply.

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  1. These are great tips for bringing your cat on a road trip! I found this just in time too, I’ll have to drive 20 hours with my 3 kitties. It will be their first road trip. I will definitely make sure to get carriers for each of them and get them used to the carrier before I take them on long trips. And great idea to bring along favorite toys too! I’m sure that will ease the anxiety. What do you suggest for potties on the go with the kitties?

    • Thank you !
      I think that this is a good idea , but before using potties , they should get comfortable with road trips !
      Good day

  2. Thanks for the post – some great tips here for my friend who has three cats. I don’t think they would have thought of the idea of feeding 4 hours beforehand and the idea of checking how they are reacting through the journey.

    • I feel you here , you just have to pay attention sometimes on cats , it isn’t so hard .
      Thank you

  3. Hi Stefan,
    I have forwarded your article onto my friends who have cats and find it difficult to travel with them.
    They go far places and sometimes have to leave the cats with me or their neighbours. I’m sure your advice will definitely help them.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Hi Tom ,
      Thank you for your apprecion , I want to give some tips for a cat journey to not encounter nasty situations .

  4. Hi Stefan, thank you for some great and sensible tips for taking the cat on a car journey.

    I would not have considered feeding the cat 4 hours before the journey but everything you say makes perfect sense so now my cat will definitely get fed 4 hours before the car journey and of course, I need to get a personalized cat collar too!

    Thank you again for helpful tips… keep up the good work!

    • Hi ,
      Yes we need to give some attention to our pet along a car journey becasue they are not use to 😀 .
      I m glad that my tips can help others.

  5. This is a very helpful post. Lots of great tips for cat owners that want to take their cat on a road trip. I don’t have cats, but I do plan to get one in the future. I learned a lot reading your post. When I get a cat in the future, I will know what to do. Very interesting and informative.

    • Hi,
      I want to people tat owns cats to know how to manage a nasty situation in a road trip .
      Thank for your apreciation 😀

  6. Excellent ideas for the luxury for my cat to travel with me on our next trip. I had no idea of all these products and ideas. Thanks for sharing them.


    • Car travel with a cat needs a lot of work and patience in order to get comfortable with the car.

  7. Hi Stefan!
    Great site. I like it a lot. Nice descriptions, photos, and useful tips.
    We have two cats and we know the stress when we need to drive with them somewhere.
    Especially if we drive to the veterinarian. They just don’t like the travel cage.

    As said before, we have two cats: the white one (Pixie) and the grey one, tiger alike (Dixy). Both are “boys”. Once, on the way to the veterinarian, Pixie was crying almost the whole way until we didn’t come home. It is always an experience when cats need to do something they are not used to it.

    We love them a lot and they are part of the family.

    Wish you success with the site. Well done!

    • Hi Igor !
      Around the world people have a variety of pets starting with pigs and finishing with snacks , cat is one of the most popular pet around the world and need a lot of attention when we want to take them in a car ride .
      Thank you for sharing your cats love.

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