About Me

Hello cat lovers and welcome to my website dedicated to them!

My name is Stefan and I’m a cat lover and I like them since I was a child.


To be honest I find myself in cat behavior like lonely, arrogant ( but in a hasty manner) but also loving, playful, just like a cat, there for my love so …

Love, is finding your behavior in someone else?

Who knows, important thing is that I have it and want to share with you!

About Stefan

I can say that I’m an ordinary boy with a full-time job as a project engineer who never took his dreams to the end or shares love because of different factors.

The environment, the family ( in some cases), not full self-confidence made me a person  who just has to follow the rules of society: have a job that brings you revenue even you do not like it, do not exit your comfort area , you need to be like others because this is normal they say..

This is why I started to write about cats, my first love – love for animals.

Maybe now I’m starting my life, choosing what I like or not!

Why do I like Cats?

I like cats because they have the power to receive love and give love in a manner that I like.

They give me space, I give them space is like we respect each other and this is a mature relationship :D. Since I was a child I notice that cats are special, have their own personalities depending on cat breed and how you raise it.

My first cat was a European Short Hair breed and I fell in love.

So this is the cat, I called it my tiger and I was playing a lot with until she grows up ( 1 human year = 5 cat years)

and started to avoid me, was hiding to sleep so then I realize that this animal needs space,  has it own personality, like us humans.

Since then I started to learn their habits, routine and how to treat one.

Magical Powers?

We all know the myths behind cats :

  • Black cat brings bad luck
  • Cat has 9 lives
  • Demons Pet
  • Always falls to his feet

I can assure you that the first three myths are fake because of the Medieval Time stupidity, in that period all humans were stupid because of the church greed for money and power. The church wanted to make humans stupid in order to control them easily without force!

The last myth Always falls to his feet, is true, I saw a cat falling from 6 floors and landed on feet. You right, if I throw here away with a lot of force it will crash obvious, but I never did that!

Always falls to his feet is an ability earned by natural selection, only the best survive!

This is me and I hope that you will enjoy your time on my website!

All the best,


Founder of History & Breeds of Cat


  1. Hello! And I’m a cat loving. I hope soon to join my family a beautiful cat

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